Netsuke – Il Gatto – Bronze by Stephen Rautenbach

Netsuke – Il Gatto
Bronze on Ebony
Cast bronze
4.5 L/ 3.5 H/ 4 B cm on its Ebony base of 5.3 B/ 4.2W/ 1.6 H cm
Signed in bronze and limited edition; 2/25
These minute, perfectly sculpted bronzes are inspired by Edmund de Waal’s novel, ‘A Hare With Amber Eyes’, which describes the tiny Japanese netsuke ornaments.

1. a small carved ornament, especially of ivory or wood, worn as part of Japanese traditional dress as a toggle by which an article may be attached to the sash of a kimono.

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Netsuke - Il Gatto - Bronze by Stephen Rautenbach

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