Makeup by Donna Kennedy-Meyer

Make-up and Style consultation from Donna Kennedy-Meyer.

She is a fully trained and certified Image Consultant, a qualified make-up artist, hair stylist and an established Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper for all women wanting to be transformed to the best version of themselves.

Having a real passion for people, fashion, colour, fabric, makeup and clothing, she combined all of these and has been working as an Image and Style Consultant for the past 14 years.

Makeup by Style Consultant - Donna Kennedy-Meyer

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Starting Bid: R200.00

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Sponsored by Donna Kennedy-Meyer.

Valid for 6 months. Subject to availability on the day. Makeup will take place at my home studio in Stellenbosch.

Value: R950.00

Terms: health-beauty

  1. AV bid R900.00 on 10/05/2019 11:31 pm
  2. Nikki Herbst bid R700.00 on 17/04/2019 8:52 pm
  3. Roleen bid R600.00 on 11/04/2019 4:10 pm
  4. Louise Ehret bid R500.00 on 09/04/2019 10:42 am
  5. Nikki Herbst bid R400.00 on 09/04/2019 10:08 am
  6. Louise Ehret bid R200.00 on 08/04/2019 9:06 am

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