Bronze Porcupine Maquette by Stephen Rautenbach

This secretive, nocturnal animal, is captured in motion, by Stephen Rautenbach, like a thief in the night. Porcupines encapsulate a very strong symbolism. In most cultures they are seen as a symbol of strength, humility and family. With their 30 000 barb-like quills, they also represent toughness. In Stephen’s opinion, this sculpture embodies the ethos of our school, as part of our extended family and community.

Please visit Stephen Rautenbach gallery at 44 Church street, Stellenbosch to view the items available on auction.

Bronze Porcupine Maquette by Stephen Rautenbach

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Sponsored by Stephen Rautenbach.

Value: R68000.00
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  1. Jos bid R45,000.00 on 08/05/2019 7:54 pm

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