Projects that make our hearts sing!

All proceeds from the OHAH auction and gala event will directly contribute to the building of Somerset College’s dynamic new ESTEAM Centre, as well as support selected school community projects.


With the exponential rate of technological development and the ever-widening horizons of possibility in society, modern and relevant approaches to learning and education have never been more important. Indeed, the expectations of and the demands on the content and process of education are changing irreversibly as society rapidly advances into new eras beyond the information age.

Because our current reality is constantly revealing new frontiers of challenge and opportunity, Somerset College has the fundamental responsibility to meaningfully empower our community and equip our students to be agile and able citizens. It is in this context that Somerset College is proud to lead educational innovation and inspiration with their future-focused ESTEAM programme.

ESTEAM stands for Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, and is Somerset College’s innovative project-based learning programme where the pursuit of knowledge and the mastery of critical 21st century skills are powerfully partnered with cutting-edge technology and iconic architecture so that our students may thrive in a global and multidisciplinary future.

Integrated with our existing curriculums for multiple grades across our whole school, ESTEAM represents the high value placed on deep, critical and reflective thought in Somerset College and our ESTEAM facility physically embodies the school’s commitment to a relevant education that prepares our students to lead and flourish in a dynamic and fast-changing world.

The ESTEAM building is the first priority in Somerset College’s implementation of the Campus Development Plan, because it will enhance the delivery of our ESTEAM curriculum. It will provide an optimal space that embodies the principles, literacies and methodologies that are required to prepare our students for the working world of the fourth industrial revolution. Building is due to commence in 2018.

For further insight into the importance of the establishment of our ESTEAM curriculum and centre, click here.

Acorn Bursary Trust

The Acorn Bursary Trust (ABT) is a registered Public Benefit Organisation which aims to bring the excellence of Somerset College education to deserving candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through the building of a capital fund to support current and new bursary students, the ABT is positioned to make a meaningful and lasting difference in our communities by developing confident and aspirational students who emerge from College as both proud alumni and future leaders.